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TAS 70th Anniversary Party

At the December 2005 meeting, Tulsa Audubon celebrated our 70th anniversary and also recognized the many years of service provided to TAS by Aline Romero. Here are some photos from the festivities. You can also view the presentation featuring some old photos of TAS members here. and you may view a 1986 article about Aline & Forrest Romero here.

Renee & Laurie McGrouty and Geraldine Rouk provided the

beautiful decorations for our celebration

Renee & Laurie McGrouty

Gail Storey presenting a framed picture to Aline Romero

Gail Storey & Laurel presenting a bird feeder to Aline

Aline Romero

Margaret & Brandon Scott, Jo Loyd

Laurel Upshaw & Margaret Porter

Dave & Pam Edwards

Gail Storey, Tommye Mainer, Carolyn Nixon

Donna Horton, John FIsher, Dick Sherry

Jean & Martin Brown

Sharing Snacks at the Garden Center

Carol Eames, Kathy & Gary Siftar

Patty Moser, Marcie Goad, Anita Mitchell

Laurel Upshaw, Judy Barto

Colin Davy, Bob Harwood

Glenn Storey, Paul Moser

Enjoying the snacks everyone brought to share

Tommye Mainer, Jim Mitchell

Ardis Manning, Ruthie Lowrie

Bud Martin, Pam Edwards

Richard Romero, Regina Romero, Russell Studebaker

Bill Carroll

Martin & Jean Brown,  Geraldine Rouk, Laurie McGrouty

Bill Carroll, Mary Jackson

Robert DeMoss

Laurel Upshaw, Glenn Porter

John Kennington, ALine Romero, Gail Storey

Carol Eames, Art Browning, Gary Siftar

Aline Romero, Richard Romero, Beverly (Romero) Rudiger

Aline Romero, Dick Sherry

Geraldine Rouk, Renee & Laurie McGrouty

Carol Eames, Gary Siftar

Ardis Manning, Anita & Jim Mitchell

Laurel Upshaw, Marcie Goad

Linda Clark, Tommye Mainer, Carolyn Nixon

Carolyn Nixon, John Kennington

Jo Loyd, Jean & Martin Brown

Elaine Renning, Aline Romero, Frank Renning

Jim & Anita Mitchell, Judy Barto, Bud Martin
  Aline Romero, Laurel Upshaw



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