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About the Tulsa Audubon Society

The Mission of the Tulsa Audubon Society is

To foster appreciation, enjoyment and stewardship of our natural world.

We work to achieve this in four ways

  • Promote the conservation of wildlife and the natural environment

  • Provide the opportunity for study and observation of birds and all wildlife

  • Contribute to research in the fields of conservation and ornithology by monetary support and active participation

  • Educate the public on the need to protect the environment, and to promote a better public understanding of these natural resources 

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Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings HIDDEN


Members are invited to attend board meetings,
held on the first Tuesday of Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct & Dec
at 7:00 p.m. at the Zarrow Regional Library.

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Tulsa Audubon Society Remembrances and Memorials

Vicki Hatfield, 1930-2015

Carol Eames, 1939-2012

Forrest & Aline Romero (1919-1998, 1919-2012)

Ginny Seibert. 1924-2010

John & Emma Messerly (1916-2008, 1921-2009)

John Tomer, 1917-2007

Neely Lowrie, 1922-2006

Kenneth Hayes 1908-2006

TAS 70th Anniversary Party Photos from December 2005

70th Anniversary Presentation from December 2005

Aline Romero Recognition from December, 2005

Bob Jennings passes away Sept 15, 2004

John Dickerson, 1920 -2001, Lyn Dickerson, 1922-2004

Fred Pianalto, 1927-1996


Tulsa Audubon Society Presidents


1935-36 Frederick A. Bush, III

1937 G. E. Tenney

1988 Joseph L. Borden

1939-40 Harvey Phillips

1941 Hugh S. Davis

1942-43 Harvey D. Chase

1944-45 Orrin W. Letson

1946-47 John F. Galley

1948 Earl D. Markwell

1949 Tom J. Jesse

1950 Richard N. McClelland

1952-53 John G. Newell

1954-55 Donold L. Norling

1956-57 Alfred Steitz, Jr.

1958 John S. Tomer

1959-60 Forrest Romero

1961-62 Charles N. Kosier

1963 Mabel L. Hagan

1964-1965 Forrest S. Romero

1966 John A. Strmiska

1967-68 Don M. Triplehorn

1969-70 Russell L. Studebaker

1971 Tom Butler

1972-73 Eleanor M. Sieg

1974-76 Richard J. Sherry

1977-78 Kenneth Hayes

1979-80 Wally F. Whaling

1981-82 Bruce W. Ewing

1983-84 Verajean A. Hatfield

1985-86 Kenneth L. Wire

1986-87 Aline B. Romero

1988-90 John J. Kennington

1990-92 Sue A. Woodward

1992-95 Carol J. Eames

1995-97 Gail L. Storey

1997-99 Dodie Nesbit

1999-2000 Kay Jackson

2000-2003 Tomye A. Mainer

2003-Present John J. Kennington




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