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Tulsa Audubon Society Annual Plan

Tulsa Audubon Society

Annual Plan 2005/2006


To Foster Appreciation, Enjoyment and
Stewardship of Our Natural World

 Chapter Goals

 1.     To promote the conservation of wildlife and the natural environment.


        Work towards the establishment of a South Tulsa County nature center at Indian Springs.

        Participate in the River Parks Advisory Committee

        Participate in the Arkansas River Corridor Advisory Committee

        Participate in the Vision 2025 planning process, especially regarding the Mohawk Park Master Plan, Osage Trail & Turkey Mountain.

        Maintain a current list of elected officials and make this available at monthly meetings and other public events.

        Provide updates on current conservation and legislative issues at monthly meetings.

2.     To provide the opportunity for study and observation of birds and all wildlife.


        Schedule field trips to a wide variety of habitats encouraging Chapter member and public participation. 

        Schedule butterfly watching field trips.

        Schedule two Eagle Days providing the public an opportunity to view the eagles at Keystone Dam.

        Schedule beginning birdwatcher field trips

        Schedule family-oriented field trips

3.     To contribute to research in the fields of conservation and ornithology by monetary support and active participation.  


        Protect and monitor Least Terns along the Arkansas River by surveying the breeding population and determining their nesting success.

        Protect and monitor wintering Bald Eagles at Chapter owned eagle sanctuary at Lake Keystone to observe breeding successes as evidenced by adult and juvenile eagles.

        Participate in the annual Christmas Bird Count, the National Audubon Society international census of winter bird populations.

        Participate in the Big Day Count, a countywide census of migrating, summering and resident species held during the spring migration season.

4.     To educate the public on the need to protect the environment, and to promote a better public understanding of our natural resources.


        Encourage the use of Audubon Adventures by local schools and teachers.

        Provide speakers for organizations upon request.     

        Sponsor an Audubon at Home Wildlife Habitat Garden Tour and Plant Sale.

        Establish a wildlife habitat garden demonstration site at Oxley Nature Center.

        Schedule monthly meetings (September through May) focusing on the conservation of wildlife and the natural environment.

        Publish an annual event guide listing membership meetings, field trips, publications, chapter projects, officers, directors, and committee chairpersons.

        Publish a newsletter, The Scissortail, four times yearly focusing on field trips and events, as well as wildlife and conservation.

        Request publicity for programs and events in the local newspaper and on local television and radio stations.

        Maintain a Web Page listing projects, programs, field trips and Chapter related articles.

        Provide the following publications for sale through the Sales Committee at any meeting, or at the Nature Store at Oxley Nature Center:

-         Bird Finding Guide A guide to the best bird finding areas throughout the state of Oklahoma, (1986).

-         Tulsa County Date Guide A guide to the dates and occurrences and abundance of birds of Tulsa County (1999).

-         A Checklist of Birds of Tulsa County (Revised in 1999)




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