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12 Ways YOUR Business can become a

Certified Bird Friendly Business

Tulsa Audubon Society’s Bird Friendly Business Initiative fits into our mission as an organization to “foster appreciation, enjoyment, and stewardship of the natural world”.  TAS believes that businesses in the Tulsa area should, whenever possible and practicable, do no harm to native birds and their habitats.  Further, whenever possible, TAS believes that businesses should promote and enhance the habitat and well-being of birds through positive actions aimed at sustaining native bird populations and habitats.  Whenever TAS becomes aware of such activities, it will recognize those entities that meet our criteria for certification as a Bird Friendly Business.

We welcome and encourage local businesses to become a recognized Bird Friendly Business by filling out our on-line application.  Certification is granted based on your business complying with at least ONE of the following criteria:

  1. Provide sanctuary space for roosting and/or migratory birds on business grounds

  2. Develop a "Lights Out at Night" policy for your building

  3. Create a designated and sustained habitat space for birds on business grounds (Food-water-shelter)

  4. Landscape for birds by planting native species food sources and shelter plant life.

  5. Conduct an employee fund raiser for a Tulsa Audubon bird conservation program

  6. Provide volunteers for WING IT, Tulsa Audubon's wildlife rehabilitation network

  7. Treat business establishment windows to decrease bird strikes

  8. Support Tulsa Audubon through a membership drive at your business

  9. Sponsor a Live Bird Cam from your place of business

  10. Host an educational event presented by Tulsa Audubon about "Being Bird Friendly"

  11. Donate $1000 or more to the Tulsa Audubon Youth Scholarship Fund

  12. Provide "in kind service" to help Tulsa Audubon fulfill its mission (free publicity, printing, etc.)

Certified Businesses will receive a framed wall mount certificate of appreciation by the Tulsa Audubon Society Board of Directors as well as a one year complimentary membership in the National Audubon Society and the Tulsa Audubon Chapter.  This presentation would provide your business an excellent photo opportunity for publication in newsletters, on web pages, and for posting on Facebook.  In addition, your business will be listed on the Tulsa Audubon Society webpage showcasing cooperating businesses.  You’ll also get a shout out on the Tulsa Audubon Society’s Facebook page! 

There is no cost to be recognized as a Bird Friendly Business, and we are happy to acknowledge the efforts that businesses make to help our community become more bird friendly. If you would like to make a donation to this initiative or other projects led by Tulsa Audubon, click the link below.






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