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A Guide to Birding in Oklahoma
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Quick Index of Birding Areas

Tulsa County and Vicinity  

Northwest Oklahoma

 Oklahoma City Area

Northeast Oklahoma


Southwest Oklahoma 


Southeast Oklahoma


Outside Oklahoma

Tulsa County and Vicinity

56 St. N. Sod Farm

56 St. N. Sewage Pond

Apache Sewage Pond

Bird Creek Flood Plain, Skiatook

Bixby River Park

Bixby Sod Farms

Caney River Bottoms

Chandler Park

Collinsville Sewage Pond

Cowskin Bay, Keystone Lake

Coyote Trail & Prattville Sewage Ponds

Creek Turnpike Wetlands

Double Creek Marsh and Mudflat, Oologah Lake

Feyodi Park, Keystone Lake

Garden Center

Gilcrease Museum Grounds/Stuart Park

Haikey Creek Park

Hawthorne Bluff, Oologah Lake

Hominy Creek-Bird Creek Drainage

Indian Springs Sports Complex

Keystone Lake

LaFortune Park

Lake Yahola

Leonard Sod Farms

Lynn Lane Reservoir

Mannford Ramp, Keystone Lake

Memorial Park Cemetery

Midland Valley Trail & Pedestrian Bridge

Mingo Trail

North Prairie

Oologah Lake

Osage Point, Keystone Lake

Osage Prairie Trail

Oxley Nature Center/Mohawk Park

Philbrook Gardens

Plaza Track Park
Prattville Sewage Ponds

Prettywater Road Route

Ray Harrall Nature Park

Redbud Valley

River Parks

Skiatook Bird Creek Flood Plain

Skiatook Sewage Ponds

South Elwood Route

South Loop Trail Wetlands, Broken Arrow

South Peoria Route

Spencer Bluff, Oologah Lake

Sperry Lake

Swan Lake

Turkey Mountain Park

Walnut Creek, Keystone Lake

Washington Irving Park (Bixby River Park)

Williams Center Green

Winganon Flats, Oologah Lake

Woodward Park & Tulsa Garden Center

Zink Island

Zink Park







Outside Oklahoma

Devil's Den State Park, Arkansas

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, Kansas

Cheyenne Bottom, Kansas