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Since 1935 the Tulsa Audubon Recorder has compiled records of birds observed in Tulsa County. Annual Recorder's Reports are available here.

An archive of recorders reports and files from 1934 to 1996 are kept in the Special Collections Department of the University of Tulsa's McFarlin Library

Tulsa Audubon's Guide to Birding in Oklahoma is an Interactive Map highlighting the best birding locations across the state of Oklahoma. This is an updated on-line version of the out of print book we used to publish.
Notes from Jim Arterburn's January, 2011 presentation on the shorebirds of northeastern Oklahoma. His complete PowerPoint file is available (as a PDF file), as well as his identification tips, his complete migration chart, references, location information, and annotated maps of the sod farms, Keystone Lake & Oologah Lake.
A common question birders visiting Oklahoma ask is "Where can I find longspurs?" This question has been asked on the OKBirds Listserve many times over the years, and on this page I have compiled the answers from Oklahoma birders.
The Sutton Avian Research Center sponsors the OKBirds listserv, a discussion list for those interested in Oklahoma birds. If you have an e-mail address and you are interested in Oklahoma birds and birding, then you will definitely want to sign up.   Birding News from the American Birding Association has the last thirty days of OKBirds messages on one convenient page (as well as 30 days of bird reports from every state and many countries).  A complete archive is also available, but you must first sign up to view it. Photos of notable bird sightings from OKBirds members are available to anyone to view at the Sutton web site. 
The Oklahoma Bird Records Committee web site features information on the documentation forms for reporting unusual species, and a searchable database version of the printed statewide Date Guide to Bird of Oklahoma, as well as other good information about birding in Oklahoma.
A Checklist of the Bird of Tulsa County, last updated in 2007 is published by TAS. It can be purchased at any TAS meeting or at the Nature Store at Oxley Nature Center. It is also available here as a PDF File formatted for easy printing
A on-line seasonal guide to what birds to expect is being developed.

A Date Guide, last revised in 1999, provides bar charts detailing the occurrence of all Tulsa County birds. It can be purchased at any TAS meeting or at the Nature Store at Oxley Nature Center.

A Guide to Birding In Tulsa County, last revised is 1986, is published by TAS. It is is currently out of print. However, an updated on-line version of the book is available at A Guide to Birding in Oklahoma.
Tulsa Audubon participates in the annual Christmas Bird Count. The count circle encompasses most of northern Tulsa County. The results of the latest Tulsa count can be found here: Tulsa Christmas Bird Count 

Check out the National Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count web page and the count analyses by the Biological Resource Division of the U.S. Geological Survey (1959-1988). John Shipman, working with Zoological Data Processing, maintains an ftp site with the first 12 CBCs (1900-1911) and the USGS data from 1959-1988 and 1994; see also his Christmas Bird Count database project. In addition, see the Christmas Bird Count Home Page.

Field Trips

TAS Field Trips are a great way to get out and see birds around Tulsa, and around the state.



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