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On-Line Order Form
for Bird Feeders From Oxley Nature Center

This year we are working closely with Oxley Nature Centers and you may pre-order your bird feeders through Oxley's Nature Store for pick up along with your seed. Order feeders along with your bird seed order with one convenient check out.

Click here for the Seed Ordering Page

We Must Receive Your Order By Sept. 27th 2010!

  • You can then specify a quantity after clicking the "Add to Cart" buttons.

  • When you are done shopping, click the "View Cart" button, and you can then proceed to check out.

  • Sales Tax will automatically be calculated at check out (Audubon Adventure class sponsorships and Additional Donations are not charged sales tax.)

  • If you encounter any problems or have any questions feel free to email John Kennington or call 809-6325.


Aspects Bird Feeders

High Quality Products Made in the USA

Since 1979 Aspects has proudly manufactured in the USA to ensure continued quality, as well as, loyalty to those customers, employees and vendors who have contributed to our success. We appreciate the loyalty our customers have shown to us over the years and we in turn strive to continue to offer quality, innovative products that are backed with a Lifetime Guarantee. We further support independent retailers by never selling our products in the deep discount outlets.

A Backyard Tradition

We are committed to helping future generations appreciate and enjoy nature by continuing to develop innovative products and, equally as important, donating to worthwhile programs that support wildlife conservation.

Quick-Clean® Tubular Feeders

These Seed and Nyjer tubular feeders feature a revolutionary removable base. To remove the base all you need to do is push the buttons and the base slides easily out! When a seed tray is attached to a feeder, simply remove the base for cleaning with the tray still attached. It is one easy step that makes cleaning your feeders a snap! Available in Small (2 feed Ports holding ¾ Qt.) Medium (4 Feed Ports holding 1 ¼ Qt.), and Large ( 6 Feed Ports holding 1 ¾ Qt.) Available Finishes: Spruce, Blue, Antique Brass and Brushed Nickel.

Quick-Clean® Seed Tubes

(shown in small)

Antique Brass
(shown in medium)

Brushed Nickel
(shown in large )

Choose Size

Quick-Clean® Nyjer Tubes

(shown in large)


Brushed Nickel
(shown in medium)

Antique Brass
(shown in small)

Choose Size

Nyjer® Mesh

  The Nyjer Mesh Feeder offers unlimited potential for attracting goldfinches, siskins, redpolls, purple and house finches. Finches cling to any open spot on the tube and a dozen birds might feed at once! The Nyjer Mesh Feeder is available in three handsome finishes, brushed nickel, purple and spruce. Available in Small (2 feed Ports holding ¾ Qt.) and Medium (4 Feed Ports holding 1 ¼ Qt. 



Choose Size

Peanut Silo


 Peanut Silo - Medium Peanut Silo - Small Spruce1 1/4 Quart Capacity   3/4 Quart Capacity.  Aspects’ Peanut Silo is a “selective feeder” - acrobatic birds such as woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and finches can cling to the perchless stainless steel wire mesh tube. When filled with shelled peanuts, mixed nuts, or sunflower kernels, the Aspects Peanut Silo is irresistible to the most entertaining group of birds. Available finishes include brushed nickel and spruce.

Choose Size

Aspects Domes & Seed Trays

All Aspects’ Domes and Seed Trays are guaranteed for life.
Each is molded from UV stabilized polycarbonate, the strongest and most durable plastic available. All hardware is solid brass or stainless steel

Weather Dome

The Weather-Dome is a 12” diameter universal dome that protects any small or medium-sized feeder from rain and snow. Weather Dome

Fancy Swirl Dome

14” diameter decorative dome protects all Aspects’ 2 3/4” diameter feeders from rain and snow. Simply slips over the feeder’s bail wire - no hardware needed! Fancy Swirl Dome

Round Seed Tray

This 8-1/2” x 1” deep tray fits all Aspects’ 2-3/4” diameter feeders. Attaches to feeder simply and quickly.   Round Seed Tray

Fancy Swirl Tray

10” diameter tray fits all Aspects’ tube feeders. Attaches to feeder simply and quickly. Decorative finial included. Fancy Swirl Tray

Quick-Clean® BIG TUBE



BIG TUBE Seed Tray $15.75


Click here for the Seed Ordering Page


We Must Receive Your Order By Sept.  27th 2010!


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