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Arcadia Lake

Oklahoma County

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By Nealand Hill, from the OKC Audubon Society, 2007

The following, by Nealand Hill, is excerpted from the OKC Audubon Society Arcadia Lake Page. Please visit their page their page for a complete account:

Arcadia Lake is located east of I-35 in Edmond, Oklahoma. It is bounded on the north by 2nd Street and on the south by I-44/Turner Turnpike. Parks and campgrounds are access from 2nd and 15th Streets. Arcadia Lake is a water supply and recreational lake, and the lake, parks and camping areas are all fee-based ($6 per day/per car).

Birding is very good on and around the lake during any season. In Spring and Summer you will see large numbers of ducks, mergansers and grebes, plus a wide variety of land birds.  In Fall and Winter the Bald Eagle is the best bird to look. Arcadia Lake sponsors an Eagle Watch on the first weekend in January with discounted admission.

Birding Observation Locations:

Spring Creek Park (15th Street): Turn left at the first paved road after the admissions gate at Spring Creek Park. This road follows the shoreline and provides a good look at ducks, cormorant, kingfisher, grebe. Watch for Orchard and Baltimore Orioles near the picnic areas along this road. The eastern edge of Spring Creek Park overlooks the beach area and provides an excellent view of Common and Red-breasted Mergansers, pelicans and gulls. Barred Owls can be spotted late in the day.

Edmond Park (2nd Street): This park is closed from October to April so it's worth visiting the area in spring since the birds have not been disturbed for many months. The shoreline at the west end of the park is excellent for viewing Osprey, Double-crested Cormorant, Red-headed Woodpeckers, shorebirds, ducks and geese.

Central State Park (2nd Street): This is a great location for Painted Buntings during the summer months. Also listen for Indigo Buntings, Field Sparrows, warblers, and wrens. The Cottonwood Campground is a good location for many species even during peak camping season. From the main entrance into Central State Park, be sure to take the first left and tour the picnic pavilion areas. Painted Buntings are commonly found along this road.

Please see the excellent OKC Audubon Society Arcadia Lake Page for complete details on birding this area and the birds one may find.


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