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Bixby & Leonard Sod Farms
Tulsa County

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Shorebirds at the Sod Farms
from Jim Atreteburn's Shorebirding Presentation and
Tulsa Audubon's A Guide to Birding in Oklahoma

The Bixby and Leonard and other area sod farms, which are periodically irrigated or flooded by over-night rains, bringing down great numbers of shorebirds in spring and fall migration. Notable species are Black­bellied Plover, Whimbrel, Hudsonian and Marbled godwits, Sanderlings, Dunlin, phalaropes, peeps, and occasionally large numbers of Buff-breasted Sandpipers.

•  Spring - Especially good during periods of thunderstorms and after heavy overnight rains

•  Prime time is late April through late May

•  Best time is early morning before birds move north & late afternoon & evening during storms as birds drop in

•  Fall – Not as good as spring but still good after heavy rains

•  Prime time is late July through mid October

•  Best season for Buff-breasted & Upland Sandpipers

•  Prime time is last few days of July through early September

•  Not as dependent on rain or standing water as other shorebirds but do favor fields being irrigated

•  Local Area Sod Farms

•  56th Street North

•  Bixby

•  Leonard

•  Wagoner County

•  Kadashan

•  Click here for sod farms map (or here for hi-res map)


Birding at Bixby Sod Farms

photo by John Kennington

Other Birds of Interest

  • Bobolinks - During Spring migration often found in fields at southeast corner of 141st Street South & Garnett Rd.

  • LeConte's Sparrows have been found in wet winter wheat in March.

  • Yellow-headed Blackbirds - Sometimes found at horse farm on northwest corner of 151st Street South & 129th E. Ave.

  • Dickcissels & Western Kingbirds are common throughout the area.




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