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Chouteau Wetland Development Unit
McClellan-Kerr WMA

Wagoner County

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This account has written in October 2007 by George Kamp

The Chouteau Wetlands Unit of McClellan-Kerr Wildlife Management Area is an area of low deciduous forest, interspersed with some agriculture fields, slow flowing streams, and wetlands areas. In both Spring and Fall, migrating warblers use the trees and brushy fence rows. There is good habitat for winter ducks, depending on hunting pressure. Waders are frequent, but there is little shorebird habitat. Field borders and fence rows provide good habitat for winter sparrows, wrens, and towhees. Woodpeckers and nuthatches are common throughout the wooded areas.

In October 2007 I found the Palm Warbler is a large soybean field about 100 yards before you reach the end of the road. This field is on the north side of the road and has a small side road parking spot. The soybeans flooded out along the east edge of this field, leaving good open Palm Warbler habitat.

The area is a bit challenging to find in itself, although it is shown on the ODWC website maps. There is no sign until you're actually there. It can be accessed from U.S. 69 or Oklahoma 51; there's currently a bridge out on the route from 69, so I suggest going in from Oklahoma 51. Approximately 2.5 miles west of the 69-51 intersection at Wagoner, turn south on county road 250 (also signed as 4250). Go south approximately 4 miles until you come to the large WMA sign. Continue south here on the main gravel road, which winds around until ending at a parking area in approximately 2 miles.



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