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Kizziar's Feedlot Prairie Dog Town

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From the 1986 edition of A Guide to Birding in Oklahoma published by the Tulsa Audubon Society. This account was partially reviewed and updated in 2007.

Kizziar Prairie Dog Town 9.5 miles west, 2 miles north of Altus

Drive 8 miles west of the Altus courthouse on US 62, then 2 miles north on a blacktop road at the top of a plateau. Turn west for one-half mile and stop at the Kissiar Feedlot office north of the road and request permission to enter the dogtown. Return to the blacktop road and proceed west for another three-fourths mile to a cattleguard on the north side. Drive through it and follow the pasture road that winds WNW to the dogtown. Species to look for: Swainson's (S), Ferruginous (W), and Rough-legged (W) hawks, Scaled Quail, Upland Sandpipers (M,W), McCown's Longspurs (W), Western Meadowlarks, Yellow-headed Blackbirds (M), Curve-billed Thrasher (S), Brewer's Blackbirds and Burrowing Owls.

McCown's Longspur - A good spot for these is at the Kizziar feed lots west of Altus. From the intersection of U.S. 62 and U.S. 283 in Altus, go west eight miles on U.S. 62 (I think it's eight miles, but I might be off by a mile), to a small green sign that points to the Altus Landfill on the north. Turn right (north) on this road, go two miles, then turn left (west). You'll soon pass the feed lot buildings on the right, after which you go by a small pond and a prairie dog town, and then the road abruptly starts to go uphill. This is the area in which the longspurs can be found, primarily on the north side, both in the vicinity of the pond below the hill, and also on top of the "mesa" (such as it is). You can call ahead to the feed lot at 580-482-7611 and ask for permission to jump the fence and walk around the prairie dog town. (Be sure to tell them that you're a "birdwatcher"--they don't seem to understand what the word "birder" means.)








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