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Myriad Botanical Gardens

Oklahoma County

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By Nancy Vicars, from the OKC Audubon Society, 2007

The following, by Nancy Vicars, is excerpted from the OKC Audubon Society Myriad Botanical Gardens Page. Please visit their page their page for a complete account:

The Myriad Gardens are a welcome oasis in the middle of downtown Oklahoma City for migrating birds. The delightful seventeen acres are as varied as they are beautiful, with trees, graceful hills, inspired plantings, and several lily ponds complete with shimmering carp. There is a public parking lot located on the southeast corner of Robinson & Reno Avenues. This facility is in the immediate vicinity of the Cox Convention & Ford Event Centers and two blocks West of Bricktown.

From Westbound I-40, exit #150C to Robinson Ave., turn right (North) proceed to Reno Ave. then turn left (West) onto Reno then jog immediately right to enter the public parking lot.

From Eastbound I-40, exit #150B to Harvey Ave., turn right (North) proceed 3 blocks to Reno Ave., turn right (East) onto Reno Ave., go block then turn left to enter the public parking lot.

Birding Observation Locations: Beginning at the public parking area, there is an upper and lower pathway that will circle around and through the entire garden. Pay close attention where the habitat includes dense shrubs, hedges and vines as this provides excellent cover for Towhees, Sparrows, Kinglets and Hermit Thrush during the winter season. In the spring and summer, Brown Thrashers and Catbirds like these same areas. Around any water feature always check for Common Yellow-throats and Marsh Wren. Most all the trees and plants produce fruit or berries which in turn attract insects that lay eggs and produce larvae that provide BIRD FOOD. With all this shelter, water and food it is no wonder this is truly a Garden of Eden for the birds.

Please see the complete account by Nancy Vicars on the excellent OKC Audubon Society Myriad Botanical Gardens Page for more details about birding this area and the birds one may find.




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