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I received an email on asking me what birds these feathers might be from. Here is some photos I was sent, along with a description.

In the first 2 pictures the feathers are golden on the ends and one is 5 inches long, the other is 5 1/2. And in the last 2 pictures the feathers look like there are blackish stripes but in the light you can see a green as the pictures show.  One is 6 inches the other 6 1/2.The feathers are very flexable...not stiff like most feathers seem to be.  I found them on a baseball field while my daughter was practicing soccer (it was at night & the baseball fields have lights unlike the soccer fields)  it is with next to a very small "nature area"  . There were a lot more feathers just outside the fence on the baseball field but I didn't go over there.  Anyway, these feathers were unlike any we have seen & I thought I'd ask the bird pros about them.

Here are the responses I've received:

  • They appear to be from a rooster; the first ones are neck hackles and the second look like tail coverts- the long curving feathers that cover the tail proper on a rooster. If I had to narrow it down to breed, I'd suggest Brahma, guessing from the barring and the green iridescence on the tail covert feathers. But that's just a guess:-) It's been a while since I had any chickens around here...

  • Could they be rooster feathers?

  • My sister raises all kind of chickens. I sent her a copy of your pictures. Here is her response for what it is worth. "I don't think the feathers are chicken. They come from the bird's body with all the down around the base. I can't find my chicken book to use proper terms. The top picture is too tapered and pointed. The bottom are too curvy unless rooster tail and they are not that. If there were more feathers, it could be that the bird was captured and left feathers in the struggle. Anyway, it looks like they are all body feathers, not wing or tail. Check, but I think feathers release when bird under attack. They do with chickens."









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