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Dec. 2005 Revision to Master Plan Proposal


Thanks to everyone for your support of Mohawk Park!


As of December, 2005 the Tulsa Parks Department has again revised the master plan, moving the BMX track and skateboard park to 56 Street North! Much of the east side of the park will now be designated a "Natural Area" or "Wildlife Preservation Area." We need to be sure that this area is placed under control of Oxley.

Since there isn't enough funding from Vision 2025 to do all the proposed projects, the main priority is to buy the land at 56th St. N. & Hwy. 75 for the soccer fields, the BMX track and the skate park. They also set as a priority to repair the dam on Lake Sherry. Tulsa Audubon strongly supports the purchase of the additional land and for funding of these new areas to be a priority and happen as soon as possible.

Here is the revised plan. Click here for a higher resolution version (250 KB).

Here is the detail of the new areas at 56th St. N:

Here is the note from Greg Warren explaining the changes. Dick Sherry represented us at the meeting Greg discusses.

Mohawk Park Strategic Plan Update
December 6, 2005

We have met to develop a plan that is compatible with the park participants and to make it one of the most unique parks in this region. At the conclusion of the Mohawk Master Plan, Mohawk Park will become a regional attraction when the appropriate recreational improvements are designed into the park.

The recreational amenities were designed into Mohawk Park and will assist in making it one of the most dynamic parks in this region and realize its true potential in the future.  Some of the many improvements that have been planned into the project are new soccer fields, Frisbee golf, lighting, restrooms, equestrian facilities, BMX bicycle activities, shelters, roads, running trails, dog-park, signage and bicycle trails. Other improvements include renovation of existing shelters, bathrooms, park amenities, existing lakes and creeks.

We concluded the visioning process and gave the consultant, Alaback Design, our concepts and ideas. The consultant took those concepts and finished the comprehensive plan.  We took these conceptual plans to the public for further refinement.  The public meetings were very well attended and allowed the public to have input before the comprehensive plan was implemented.  We have listened to the public and have refined our drawings to accommodate some of the concerns that were expressed at the public meetings.  As a citizen their input was important in the formulation and refinement of the comprehensive plan for Mohawk Park.

The primary change was moving the soccer fields to 56th Street North and Highway 75 (See attached plan) on the southwest corner.  The BMX facility and Skatepark was moved to 56th Street North and Highway 75 (See attached plan) on the southeast corner.  These facilities are identified on property that is not a part of Mohawk Park and will have to be purchased.  The land is contiguous to Mohawk Park and for the most part is out of the flood plain.  If you could meet this Thursday, December 8 discuss these changes and make a prioritized list of what gets funded, we would appreciate your input.  The meeting will be at 10:30 a.m. in the 1710 W. charles Page Boulevard Conference room.

The plan will be reviewed by our committee this week, Park Board next week and Board of Adjustment after the first of the year. 

Greg Warren, RLA
Data Resource Manager
(918) 596-7878
(918) 596-2550 (fax)
(918) 261-9106 (cell)


Oct. 2005 Revision to Master Plan Proposal

In October, 2005 the Tulsa Parks Department held two public meetings to describe revisions to the Mohawk Park Master Plan, and solicit further public input about the plan. The Parks Dept. has done an excellent job incorporating most of the public comments about the original plan, and the revision addresses most of the concerns we had with the original plan. We feel there is still some areas that could be improved, and our response to the Parks Dept. can be read at the below link:

Click here for the detailed response of the Tulsa Audubon Society to the revised plan

Tulsa World Article about the revised master plan - page 1    page 2

We have not yet located a copy of the 1982 Green Ribbon Committee Report on Mohawk Park, but I have found an article from "Gusher" magazine written by Dick Sherry in 1982 about the report

 Geology and Soils of the Mohawk Park Area
a report from retired geologist Laurel Upshaw

Please click below to view high resolution versions of the maps included in Laurel's report
(each approx 1MB)
Gas & Oil Well Map
Soils Map

Photos from Mary Jackson of the old rodeo arena area, the new proposed site of the BMX track and skateboard park


Click map for enlarged view of the revised master plan

Dec. 2004 Mohawk Park Master Plan Proposal

Click map for enlarged view of the master plan

Click for the complete Plan

The new master plan developed by the Tulsa Parks Department, with many elements included due to Vision 2025, threatens to destroy the natural character of Mohawk Park, which in our view is its most important asset. The plan also threatens Oxley Nature Center.

A group of concerned citizens, Friends of Mohawk Park, has been meeting to formulate a response to this plan. Updates on our progress will be posted to this site.

The following pages contain photos from around Mohawk Park, showing some of the areas being proposed for development as they exist today.

Photos of Mohawk and comments from Laurel Upshaw

Photos of Oxley and comments from Laurel Upshaw

Photos of proposed dog park and soccer complex

Here are links to additional information

Statement of the Tulsa Audubon Society to the Parks Department, December, 2004

Tulsa World Article about the master plan

The Vision 2025 web site has a page about the Mohawk plan

Vision 2025 Project Descriptions from the Chamber of Commerce site

KTUL News Story about the proposals for Mohawk broadcast Dec 9, 2004

According to City of Tulsa Charter volume 1, Title 26, Section 111  Oxley Nature Center:  "All trails and footpaths are restricted for pedestrian and wheelchair traffic. No one shall launch or operate a boat of any kind in any body of water within the boundaries of the Oxley Nature Center. All horses are specifically prohibited from the trails of the Oxley Nature Center.



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